Torque Tools

  • Class 3 and more, delivering controlled torque 50Nm to 1700Nm 
  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight - BEST in CLASS 
  • ROV and Diver friendly 
  • Exceptional low torque performance 
  • Fully compatible and developed track record of use with small electric ROVs 
  • Basic model - direct visual turns and torque indication for video logging 
  • Quick change drive adapters 
  • Latching option
  • Fully compatible with water glycol fluids
  • Class 4 & 5 options (2700Nm & 6750Nm)
  • Support equipment includes hydraulic and electric driven reversible power units. Hydraulic driven option serves as a "dirty work pack" to isolate ROV hydraulics from the tool.

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Torque Tools Torque Tools Torque Tools