Tether Management Winches

  • Established track record 
  • A fully developed TMS building block product 
  • Simple mechanical design 
  • Extremely versatile - suitable for all Tethers, ROVs and Submersibles 
  • ONE design, SIX models, HUNDREDS of variations 
  • Tether diameters to 55mm & lengths to 1000m and more 
  • Can be packaged as a Top Hat, Garage or Buddy TMS 
  • Single reversible electric motor drive, fixed or variable speed options 
  • Field adjustable for different diameters of tether 
  • High reliability for deep operation 
  • Relatively insensitive to environment or depth 
  • The ideal ROV "Fleet" Operators choice 

Visit our downloads section for technical information.

Tether Management Winches Tether Management Winches