Pressure Compensators

  • The PC440 has set new standards for benefits / cc and cost / cc 
  • The PC2000 and PC3000 are the 2 litre and 3 litre variants 
  • 0.44cc (0.77 pint), 2 litre (3.52 pint), 3 litre (5.28 pint) swept volumes 
  • Unique design feature of all units allows for no oil loss spring change-out 
  • Rolling and convolute bladder types to 100 litres (22 gallon) 
  • Suitable for balanced or positive pressure compensation and reservoir applications 
  • Positive pressures ratings up to 1.3 Bar 
  • Pressure rated in excess of 3.5 Bar for fast charging 
  • Visual indicator standard. Integrated analogue and digital sensor options 
  • Compact, lightweight, simple mounting 

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Pressure Compensators Pressure Compensators Pressure Compensators