Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)

Handling system design has been a big part of All Oceans’ business since their start-up in 1985, and the TMS product range is at the forefront of underwater mechanical handling technology as a sophisticated underwater winch / cable handling device.

2006 saw All Oceans deliver the first 6000m ROV LARS designed and manufactured in the UK. This complemented the delivery of a 6500m depth rated TMS in 2004 which puts All Oceans well and truly at the leading edge of all manner of Mechanical Handling Underwater solutions and technology.

All Oceans delivered a further 6000m LARS in 2008. This was a single lift package with a gross weight of 24Te including the ROV configured for “live boat” operations on a “soft” umbilical. 

  • Crane, A-Frame, gantry, trolley, guided cursor, vessel integrated systems
  • Full load damping snubbers and load rotators
  • Active Heave Compensation and Active Constant tension options
  • Hand free load handling solutions
  • Modular designs to maximise operational flexibility, and freedom of transport
  • Submerged docking
  • Electro Hydraulic Power packs and integrated winch packages
  • Experience in the design of systems for;
    • Stern / Side/ Moonpool / High free board
    • Submerged launch sites
    • ROV / Atmospheric Diving Suit (ADS) / Diving Bell
    • Wet Bell / Dive Basket
    • Hyperbaric lifeboats / Rescue chambers
    • Shallow water long excursion / Ultra deepwater
    • Heavy Weather
    • MCM and AUVs
    • Monohull / Semi-submersible / Fixed Platform
    • Submarine installations
  • Extensive experience over many years working with Major Underwater Contractors

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Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)