All Oceans Engineering Limited was established in December 1985. The business was built on the provision of specialist engineering services to the diving and underwater industries. In 1988 the service was expanded to include ROV, underwater construction, and general marine industry support.

Underwater engineering is a discipline that has been around for a long time. However, it has been the offshore Oil and Gas industry that has driven the development of underwater technologies at a rate not seen, or required in other industry sectors, and this is likely to continue. All Oceans work extensively in Oil and Gas markets, and more so as operations go deeper. The extensive experience this provides is applied across the increasing market, alternative industries and to a growing customer base.

An extensive market driven product portfolio has been developed since the mid-nineties. Products range from simple compensators, through Underwater Winches, Tether Management Systems (TMS) and deep ocean Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS). In all cases, product sales are fully supported with assistance on specification, application, integration and after sales by an experienced and knowledgeable team.

The company has developed excellent goodwill over the years and a reputation for the good service it provides. The company is now recognised as a world leader in underwater mechanical handling technology and is at the forefront of underwater winch and cable management technologies.